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aselta NANOGRAPHICS Software For Sub-14 NM Lithography

Published on 13 May 2019

Aselta Nanographics' powerful software slashes lithography costs for sub-14 nm integrated circuits—while improving their performance—by shortening mask write times and pushing the limits of machine resolution.

Lithography accounts for 40% of the cost of fabricating sub-14 nm integrated circuits (ICs) and requires special equipment with a price tag of tens of millions of euros.

Aselta Nanographics decided to tackle this key step and deliver two major benefits to IC manufacturers: better process design and mask quality, since Aselta's software lets engineers assess lithography process performance in advance; and the ability to use existing machines for future technology nodes—thereby eliminating the need for further investments—since Aselta's software pushes the limits of machine resolution by providing unparalleled performance in terms of proximity effect correction.

Through its joint lab with Leti, Aselta is developing software for the next technology nodes and laying the groundwork for future technological advancements like direct e-beam etching. The company has exclusive licenses to several Leti patents.