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Published on 22 November 2022

Weebit Nano is a leading developer of next-generation semiconductor memory technology, incorporated in Israel in 2015 and publicly traded on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX: WBT). 
The company's ground-breaking Resistive Random Access Memory (ReRAM) addresses the growing need for higher-performance, more reliable, lower-power, and more cost-effective non-volatile memory (NVM) solutions in a range of emerging electronic products. 
In developing its ground-breaking ReRAM technology, Weebit Nano has partnered with CEA-Leti, the French research institute recognized as a global leader in the field of micro-electronics. Starting in 2016, Leti has played a key role in advancing development of Weebit Nano's industry-leading ReRAM.
Weebit Nano licenses its technologies to semiconductor companies and foundries, using a typical IP licensing model supporting license fees, royalties and non-recurring engineering fees (NRE). The technology is ideal for both embedded SoC designs, where ease of fabrication and integration of various size arrays is required, and for discrete memory chips, where memory density and cost per bit is top priority.
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