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Published on 15 April 2020

​CORIAL, a Plasma-Therm company:

CORIAL, a Plasma-Therm company, is an innovative designer and manufacturer of systems used in the fabrication of advanced technology devices. CORIAL’s systems generate highly energized atoms and molecules (plasma) to perform precise etching and deposition of various semiconductors and related materials. These systems are the most versatile, compact, and reliable in the industry, providing the latest technology with the lowest cost of ownership. The Corial 200 Series systems satisfy the requirements of R&D and low-volume production, while the Corial 300 Series systems are designed for 24/7 production environments, and the Corial 500 Series provides very-large-area plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition. Founded more than 30 years ago and based in the European high-technology hub of Grenoble, France, CORIAL delivers its systems throughout the world to producers of specialty semiconductor devices, who serve a wide variety of niche markets. CORIAL employees are highly skilled scientists, engineers and technicians, who develop new equipment and processes, and provide after-sale service and technical support, backed by Plasma-Therm's global sales and service network.