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Partner Sponsorship Program 2021

Published on 7 June 2021

Why become sponsor ?

▶​ Maximize your exposure

​Put your business front and center as a CEA-Leti partner and a major player in the semiconductor industry.

▶​ ​Business meetings

​Increase your networking opportunities with a targeted audience from the semiconductor supply chain.

▶​ Expand your contact database

​Keep them updated about your company and your latest innovations.

 Digital Events 2021

⏩March 25: Leti Photonics Workshop >  Emerging photonic and integration technologies for healthcare - Full Digital 

⏩ June 22-23: ​Leti Innovation Days > Hardware is definitively back – Full Digital

⏩ October 14: Leti Healtcare WorkshopCEA-Leti is pioneering innovative technologies for healthcares – Full Digital

⏩  December 2: Leti Devices Workshop > Topic to be announced – Full Digital

Sponsor the Events 2021  

Maximize your visibility pre-event, in-event andpost-event: 

  • Your logo included into the marketing campaigns,
  • Your company booth in a virtual hall, 
  • Provide presentations, brochures and videos,
  • B2B meeting through chat voice call and video call,
  • Booth and content will be available on-demand for 30 days.

Many other opportunities available


 For more details, please contact Hélène Duru