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We have been closely monitoring the situation with Covid, and after much consideration, 
we have made the decision to cancel the in-person event in San Francisco. 
Your health is our priority: we invite you to register for the virtual event. 


  • Sébastien Dauvé

    Sébastien Dauvé,  CEA-Leti

  • Christophe Maleville

    Christophe Maleville, Soitec

  • Vida Ilderem

    Vida Ilderem, 

  • Stéphanie Riché

    Stéphanie Riché,   CEA-Leti

  • Martin Gallezot

    Martin Gallezot,     CEA-Leti

  • Jean-Baptiste Dore

    Jean-Baptiste Doré, CEA-Leti

  • Emilio Calvanese-Strinati

    Emilio Calvanese-Strinati, CEA-Leti

  • Thomas Signamarcheix

    Thomas Signamarcheix,     CEA-Leti

  • # Program 

    Opening Program

    Thomas Signamarcheix, Vice President, 
    Strategic Development CEA-Leti

    System and Technology Co-Optimisation for Efficient Telecommunications 
    Sébastien Dauvé, CEO, CEA-Leti 

    Boosting Device Solutions
    from Engineered Substates Soil 
    Christophe Maleville, senior vice president
    of Soitec's innovation

    A Path towards 6G: Technology Requirements 
    Vida Ilderem, PhD, Vice President & Director
    Wireless Systems Research, Intel Corporation
       Wireless Communication Systems
       For Very High Data Rates

        Stéphanie Riché, Industrial Partnerships 
        Manager, CEA-Leti

       Innovative BAW Filters for 5G Sub 6GHz
        Martin Gallezot, Business Development -

        Semiconductor Technologies, CEA-Leti

       Enabling Technologies for the future
       of Wireless Communications

         Jean-Baptiste Doré, Telecom & Wireless

         Program Director, CEA-Leti

        Semiconductor Trends
        To Support Sustainable 6G
        of Wireless Communications

         Emilio Calvanese Strinati,

         Future Wireless System Scientific
         and Innovation Program Director, CEA-Leti

    Sponsors and exhibitors

    Leti Devices Workshop is organized by CEA-Leti 
    and made possible by our sponsors. 
    Discuss your innovation projects with experts on virtual stand.

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   ​​Why attend?

  • Discover the latest technical advances from CEA-Leti
  • Explore new innovations in the data management
  • Possibility to ask questions directly to CEA-Leti tech experts

​​  Target audience

  • R&D Managers
  • Scientists & Engineers
  • PhD and PostDoc Students
  • Fellows
  • Specialized Journalists

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  • Unable to attend the live sessions ?
  • Feel free to sign up anyway, as all registrants will be sent a link to a recording of the event.