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Christophe Maleville

Published on 19 October 2021

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Christophe Maleville

Senior Vice President of Soitec's Innovation

Boosting Device Solutions from Engineered Substates Soil


  • Christophe Maleville has been appointed senior vice president of Soitec's Innovation.

  • He joined Soitec in 1993 and was a driving force behind the company's joint research activities with CEA-Leti. For several years, he led new SOI process development, oversaw SOI technology transfer from R&D to production, and managed customer certifications. He also served as vice president, SOI Products Platform at Soitec, working closely with key customers worldwide.

  • Maleville has authored or co-authored more than 30 papers and also holds some 30 patents. He has a PhD in microelectronics from Grenoble Institute of Technology and obtained an executive MBA from INSEAD.