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Stéphanie LE CALVEZ


Engineer in Materials, she received her PhD degree in Physics and chemistry from Burgundy university in 1999. She had a grant from Rhône-Poulenc society to work on organometallic components based on rare earths elements. Following this, she worked first for Kodak Company as chemist, and in 2001 entered Essilor Int. as integrated engineer. Then, she improved her knowledge in sol-gel formulation for hard coat materials and in wet coating technologies. Since 2006, she joined CEA-LETI and led Microoled joint lab but also European research projects including SCOOP project that was successful aiming at developing high luminance OLED microdisplays. Since January 2015, she is in charge of the Display Lab where Components based on liquid crystals, OLEDs or LEDs and also Augmented Reality based Systems are developed.


High Brightness GaN-based emissive microdisplays are key components for the demanding high-brightness applications like digital reality. By assembling epitaxial LED matrices on CMOS Si wafer, we achieved a 873 x 500 pixel video display. For this device, we used the microtube hybridization process. Diagonal of the screen is less than 0.4 inch and the pixel pitch is 10µm. These state-of-art results encourage us to keep on performing these emerging components by addressing smaller pitch, higher brightness and full color.

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