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Marie-Sophie Masselot


Marie-Sophie Masselot has been business developer of Leti DACLE (Department of Architecture, Design and Programming of complex digital Systems on Chip) since March 2016.

She is specifically an expert in IoT technologies in areas including interoperability for Smart Cities and solutions for societal challenges, as well as technologies for autonomous vehicles.

Previously, she has been leading Marketing positions at HPE during 15 years, especially for the IoT offering of the Telecom BU in her last position.

She is an engineer in Computing Sciences of INSA Lyon.

Leti’s 360FUSION is the first low-power 3D fusion-sensor solution that can be embedded in drones. In combination with miniaturized sensors, 360FUSION software collects, analyzes and transforms millions of incoming 3D distance data items into relevant, actionable information.

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