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Eloïse Pariset is a Ph.D. student at Leti in the department of microtechnologies for biology and health. She works on a lab-on-a-chip diagnostic device to extract cancer biomarkers from blood samples. In 2017, she received a L'Oréal-UNESCO For Women In Science award for her current research. Eloïse previously graduated from ESPCI Paris and Northwestern University, with experience in microfluidics and biomaterials at Merck Millipore and in the Stupp Laboratory (IL, USA). With her doctoral advisor, Vincent Agache, she is now involved in a collaboration with the Manalis laboratory at MIT (Ma, USA) to implement MEMS sensors from Leti in her diagnostic tool.


Sample purification is an essential step for most biological applications. The sample preparation step is required to extract particles of interest (such as cells, bacteria, viruses, nucleic acids, etc...) from complex biofluids for further analysis or manipulation. Lab-on-a-chip technologies enable fast and portable purification from limited sample volumes. We develop at CEA Leti a label-free microfluidic technique called deterministic lateral displacement (DLD) to perform size-based sorting of biological particles. Thanks to silicon micrometric pillars, particles of different sizes display specific trajectories and can be collected in flow in separated outlets. One promising application of this technique is the isolation of extracellular vesicles (EVs) from small blood samples. EVs are submicrometric conveyors of proteins and genetic information between cells. They have been shown to participate in tumor spreading and carry cancer biomarkers (mostly proteins and microRNAs). Our DLD device could replace bulky and time-consuming current isolation techniques, such as ultracentrifugation, to extract EVs for early cancer diagnostics. After DLD extraction, EVs can be directly injected in an integrated characterization platform, for example with the MEMS sensors that we develop in collaboration with the Manalis Laboratory at MIT.



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