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Published on 2 July 2018

Microelectronics in Space: A Key to Understanding the Cosmos


As humanity's growing population increasingly taxes terrestrial resources, humans are pondering the next frontier: deep space. This exciting area of exploration will be made possible, in part, by the amazing advances in microelectronics, which space-industry leaders depend on to go farther and ensure success of their missions. Herve Gilibert, CTO of ArianeGroup, will talk about the space age and explain how microelectronics allows us to reach out to the infinite. He also will present challenges facing the space industry – including the democratization of space – and major next steps for continued exploration.

  This talk will be followed by a tremendous panel session led by outstanding experts:

The panel session will be moderated by an Adele Hars, American journalist. 

July 4, 2018 @8:30 pm

Note: Please arrive 20-30 minutes prior the event. Doors will be closed at 8:30 pm sharp.