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Business Meeting


Published on 11 April 2018

Generate Business leads with hundred of top executives 

FREE service for registered Leti Innovation Days visitors, exhibitors and sponsors:

  • Discover who is attending the event and schedule your meetings ahead
  • Check visitor professional profiles (company, title, availability, needs and so on)   
  • Pick a contact and send an invite to schedule your 15-minute meeting
  • Do Business during the event in the Business meeting area and/or at exhibitor booth

Here is how to prepare your strategic business meetings ahead in a few steps.

How does it work. See how easy it is!


 After opening your member area, you fill in your presentation sheet, including needs and choose your package of participation.

  • 2- Send meeting requests  
One month prior the event and after the opening of the online profile catalogue, select companies with whom you would like to do business with and address meeting requests. Let them know what you would like to discuss. 

  • 3- Confirm requests received
Each Participant may send you a meeting request: accept or decline. All meeting requests need to be answered. 

  • 4- Receive your meeting schedule
Three days prior the event you will receive your meeting schedule, including the meetings approved by both parties as well as the conferences that you have requested to attend.

  • 5- Join Leti Innovation Days Business Meetings 2018

Business Meeting Area:
During the event, join the Business Meetings Area and let the help desk know you scheduled a business meeting. Our staff will ensure that your business meetings are running smoothly

For more details, please contactDominique.MAIZOU-AVEZOU