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Toward the era of frugal and efficient computing

Published on 14 June 2021

Toward the era of frugal and efficient computing
1.5 hour technical workshop 
to discover CEA-Leti's vision and scientific highlights
in edge AI & quantum computing domains

Thomas Signamarcheix


Computing is seen as the most critical requirement to efficiently respond to social revolutions. This raises expectations for the development of highly efficient and frugal computing solutions. Artificial intelligence and quantum electronics are offering the promise of reliable technologies for long-term sustainability of our digital society.
  • This workshop will present CEA-Leti's vision and scientific highlights, for frugal and efficient computing systems.

  • The first session will address edge AI, covering hardware-level innovations to ensure frugality and efficiency.

  • The second session will address quantum computing, focusing on silicon spin qubit for large-scale computers


  • Opening Session 
        Thomas Signamarcheix, Vice President Strategic Development, CEA-Leti

SESSION #1 | Toward frugal Artificial Intelligence

  • Semiconductors, Innovation Engine for Artificial Intelligence
    Elisa Vianello, Edge AI Program Director, CEA-Leti
  • Hardware Solutions for Frugal AI Devices 
    Alexandre Valentian, Head of the System-on-Chip and Advanced Technologies Laboratory, CEA-List

  • Efficient AI Acceleration: a Full-Stack Approach 
    Jeffrey L. Burns, Director, AI Compute IBM Research, IBM

SESSION #2 | Toward scalable quantum computing

  • Quantum Computing Strategies and Metrics
    Tristan Meunier, Quantum Scientist, CNRS
  • ​Control Architecture and Circuits for Cryogenic Qubits
    Yvain Thonnart, Senior Expert in Systems-on-Chip, CEA-List
  • ​Large-Scale Characterization of Quantum Devices
    Pierre-André Mortemousque, Research Engineer, CEA-Leti
  • Quantum Computing: Application and Challenges for Near-Term
    Philippe Duluc, CTO big data & security, ATOS
  • Closing Session 
    Thomas Signamarcheix, Vice President Strategic Development, CEA-Leti