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Hardware is back, the semiconductor industry is building the world of tomorrow.

Published on 14 June 2021

1.5 hour plenary session 
to discover the latest technologies 
for developing the next frontiers of chips industry

Michael Tchagaspanian

Event Chairman

​Microelectronics is powering the future of society with disruptive, ultralow-power technologies to decarbonize mobility, enable smart cities, pioneer 6G and strengthen healthcare. Meanwhile, the semiconductor industry is moving toward highly competitive eco-innovation, seeking sustainable solutions and long-term reliability.

Key technologies such as artificial intelligence, quantum computing, silicon photonics, smart sensing, wireless communications, power electronics and imaging solutions will enable products and solutions that bring advanced technology's benefits to societies worldwide.

Join us to innovate and build the future!


  • Opening Session 
        Michaël Tchagaspanian, EVP Strategic Partnership, CEA-Leti

  • Know-how is an enabler of the ongoing transformation towards more efficient solutions, in line with the expectation of stakeholders in terms of environmental impact. Personal Electronics, as well as automotive products and Microcontrollers, are the main factors that contribute to our results
    Jean-Marc Chery, President & CEO of STMicroelectronics 

  • IDM 2.0 is the Powerful Combination of Intel's Internal Factory Network, Third-party Capacity and New Intel Foundry Services 
        Ann B. Kelleher,  SVP & GM of Technology Development at Intel Corporation

  • Analysis of semiconductor supply chain risks and recommendations on strengthening industry resiliency, get the keys to understand the next changes
        Ajit Manocha, President & CEO of SEMI 

  • Innovation is the mother of the future world, this means innovation in hardware is the masterpiece of the game. It paves the way for the evolution of the algorithm and the next generation of systems. Not only is hardware making a comeback, but it is a game changer.
        Emmanuel Sabonnadiere, CEO of CEA-Leti

  • A roundtable discussion with the leaders of the semiconductor industry: Hear insights and forecasts about market trends and stay ahead of the next wave of innovation!