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Leti's Innovation Ecosystem

Published on 3 October 2020

What’s new with technological innovation for future products and services ? 

Tuesday, October 13, 2020 | 13:30 - 17:35


Do you want access to an ecosystem with the necessary technologies for major energy, digital and medical transformations so you can innovate in advance, taking into account all aspects of innovation?

If so, this workshop is for you.

It brings together innovation experts from a variety of fields and will cover different methods and tools, as well as design thinking and market and patent analyses. Participants will hear insights into the innovation benefits and challenges for companies willing to embrace the future. You will see clear examples of the ways companies are implementing their innovation vision, plans, and products. This workshop also will serve as a meeting point for members of the innovation community and for any other professionals interested in the topic to share their experiences exchange views, and explore future directions.  

Target Audience

  • Experts in the technological innovation ecosystem
  • Professionals interested in multidisciplinary innovation methods
  • Companies willing to accelerate their innovation processes for products and new services, as well as vision and roadmaps.

General Chair : Philippe Caillol, CEA-Leti


​​Registration & Welcome Coffee


​Opening Session

Introduction : why innovation leads to ecosystems?

  • Philippe Caillol,  Head of innovation product, CEA / Y.SPOT


​Session #1 

  • KEY NOTE Luis Zunzunegui, CEO, IDEO


​Session #2 

TESTIMONY : internal ecosystem as key asset for innovation strategy



​Session #3 

TESTIMONY : ecosystem within the company : a key element to produce innovation

PITCH SESSION : innovation processes inside the company : animating internal stake holders and best in-house initiatives


Questions and answers


Coffee Break & Networking  -  VISIT YSPOT AND SOWROOM


​Session #5 

KEY NOTE : working within ecosystem outside the company, models and complexity

  • Frédéric Touvard, Renault Innovation Community co-leader 


Session #6

TESTIMONY : external partners : where open innovation begins, where it stops

  • Denis Gardin, innovation DirectorMBDA
  • Cedric Stien, VOC COV


​Session #7 

ROUND TABLE : agility within innovation ecosystems : practices and methods

  • All participants
  • Animator : Philippe Caillol


​Questions and answers


Closing Session & Discussion - VISIT YSPOT AND SOWROOM