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Advanced Materials

Published on 12 October 2020

 Closing the gap between Advanced Materials and Industrial Applications

Tuesday, October 13, 2020 | 08:30 - 12:30


Material science is essential for bringing new functionalities at device level in microelectronics and photonics. Material selection, deposition, and integration strategy require careful development to reach industrial maturity that takes into account cost of ownership and device functionality constraints. As promising as these developments can be, such maturity involves a close collaboration between academia, R&D institutes, equipment manufacturers, and final integrated device manufacturer.

This workshop will highlight some very recent material developments performed at CEA-Leti, taking into account the requirements to bring new materials to industrial applications. 

Target Audience

Industrials :

  • Industrials in high-end applications

Academia : 

  • Material-science engineers and experts

Co-General Chairs : Bernard André and Laurent Pain, CEA-Leti 

Tuesday, October 13, 2020


Welcome Coffee


​ Registration


​​Introduction of the workshop

  • Bernard André, Head of Material Deposition Department, CEA-Leti, 


​Invited talk

  • Tbd, IDM partner


​Epitaxy and Materials for Optoelectronics

  • Jean-Yves Duboz, CHREA developments 
  • Jean-Michel Hartmann, CEA-Leti 


​Story of a successful partnership

  • To be defined, AMAT Compny, Applied Materials
  • Chiara Sabbione, Senior Scientist, CEA-Leti, Materials for PC RAM memory application 


​Material characterization strengh at CEA-Leti

  • Bérangère Hyot, Senior Scientist, CEA-Leti, the 2D Materials Era
  • Olivier Renaud, Senior Scientist, CEA-Leti - The importance of characterization


Coffee Break & Networking


Sustainable materials for semiconductor industry

  • Thierry Baron, research Director, CNRS-LTM, Sustainable Materials at CNRS - LTM
  • To be defined, BRGM - Sustainable Materials : the BRGM point of view



  • Laurent Pain, Head of Partnership Programs, CEA-Leti


Closing Session & Discussion