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Sergio Nicoletti

Published on 7 October 2020


Sergio Nicoletti

Business Development and Project Management CEA-Leti

​Schedule Time

  • 4:40 p.m: Optical sensing: the next revolution X


Despite the high performance it has achieved, optical sensing is generally perceived as bulky, costly and fragile. It is with integrated photonics that many functionalities available only at lab level are today pervading our day-by-day life. This revolution has been driven by silicon technology that allows strong miniaturization and manufacturability for volume production. This talk will present examples of the developments at CEA-Leti with a focus on chemical sensing for environmental and medical applications.


  • Working on gas sensing and microsystem technologies since the early 1990s, Sergio joined CEA-Leti in 2006 to develop Mid-IR optical gas sensors. Since then he has served as chief researcher and project leader in several collaborative and industrial projects. 
  • Now Sergio is in charge of the development of industrial partnerships in this field. Sergio earned a Ph.D. degree in physics from Université Joseph Fourier, Grenoble.