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Jean-Marie André

Published on 28 September 2020

Jean-Marie André

Jean-Marie André

CEO, BeSpoon

​Schedule Time

  • 5:35 p.m: UWB: Transforming our daily life


The birth of a new radio technology is a rare event: Bluetooth, WiFi, NFC and a few others have flourished in recent decades. UWB (ultra wide band) is now blooming on our smartphones. 
It will affect our daily lives as deeply as GPS did, making obsolete such items as car keys, door locks, indoor maps, light switches, business cards, lawn mowers and more than we can imagine. This revolution is sparked by the advent of integrated circuits able to measure the time of flight of a radio pulse with the accuracy and stability of an atomic clock. This technology was pioneered by CEA-Leti 20 years ago, industrialized by BeSpoon 10 years ago, and is now being brought to a new scale by ST. A success story that tells a lot about the power of the local ecosystem…


  • Jean-Marie has more than 30 years of experience in the consumer electronics and communication industries. He was lucky enough to start designing GSM phones in 1994 and to witness the evolution of that industry until 2009, when Myriad acquired Purple Labs, the design house he co-founded in 2001. 
  • In 2010, Jean-Marie co-founded BeSpoon and ran the pioneer in UWB solutions, with products spanning from silicon to system software, until August 2020, when BeSpoon became a fully owned subsidiary of STMicroelectronics. Jean-Marie holds a Master of Science degree from ISIAL with a major in artificial intelligence.