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Gilles Litman

Published on 28 September 2020

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Gilles Litman

Vice-President, Virtual Health Care Sanofi

​Schedule Time

  • 4:15 pm: New dynamics in digital health care


About Virtual Health Care: People with cardio-metabolic diseases struggle to reach their health goals in their daily life and activities. Virtual Health Care seeks to empower them to manage their health, anywhere, anytime. To do so, Virtual Health Care goes beyond medicines by connecting patients with devices, decision-support tools and digital solutions, but also human support such as remote coaching or telemedicine. Among others, Gilles has been working closely on the set-up and launch of Onduo, the Sanofi-Verily (Alphabet) joint-venture, built as a "Virtual Diabetes Clinic" to improve diabetes management. Other major players include One Drop and Omada. Such solutions can be also very valuable for health-care professionals and for payers by improving outcomes and reducing costs.


  • Since early 2020, he has been leading the efforts around Sanofi's Digital & Data Strategy, working closely with the recently appointed Chief Digital Officer.
  • Gilles has acquired 20 years of experience in healthcare, with a diversified and international background in business, strategy & business development and digital and connected health – across various therapeutic areas and regions. He holds an MBA degree from ESSEC Paris.