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Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

Published on 8 July 2019

Monday, June 24th 2019

Between challenges and opportunities how  Augmented and Virtual reality pave the road to success

This workshop aims to give the participants an insight into the emerging fields of Augmented Reality AR & Virtual Reality, having a review on technologies and challenges of AR/VR. This workshop brings together experts from different fields. Technical talks will cover, within two sessions, all aspects from technical bricks, system, and interface. Each session will be introduced by keynote talks.

This workshop will also provide the opportunity to see actual AR/VR actors and companies which will be gathered in an exhibition.

This workshop will serve as a meeting point for actors of the AR/MR community, and also for any other professional interested by the topic to share their experience, exchange views, and explore future research directions.

A nice social event will close this LID 2019 AR/MR workshop.

For who?

  • Actors of the AR/MR ecosystem, from hardware to content
  • Any professional interested in AR/MR, any end-user company willing to integrate AR/MR or technology, content provider of AR/MR


12:30​    Registration & Welcome coffee
​Photonics in Sony's Novel Display Technologies
  • SONY, Hiroki Kikuchi
Retinal Projection Display for Integrated Smart Glass Solutions
  • CEA-Leti, Christophe Martinez
​Display Technologies for Pure AR Devices: Challenges for the Large Deployment in Consumer Market
  • Optinvent, Khaled Sarayeddine
​Sensors/Actuators for IMU & AR Systems
  • CEA-Leti, Mikael Colin
​Resonant Diffractive Optics for Augmented Reality Glasses
  • CSEM, Guillaume Basset
​Affective Computing for Immersive Mental Training and Treatment
  • CEA-Leti, Christelle Godin
In the Way for the VR World
  • 3dRudder, Nicolas Perret
​15:00 ​   Coffee Break
AR for Consumer Markets: the Display and Optics Challenges Yet to Overcome
  • Yole Développement, Zine Bouhamri
​Embedded Algorithm for ARMR Applications
  • CEA-List, Mehdi Darouich
OLED Microdisplays for Augmented Reality Applications
  • MicroOled, Gunther Haas
Pitch from Start-up Companies Involved in AR/VR/MR
  • Hap2U, Diota, Lynx, Hyperfiction, Aledia
Social event with demos from the participating companies
​20:00    End

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