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Smart Industry

Published on 3 October 2020


Smart Industry

Fuelling innovation to build the factory of the future

Smart industry are digital, functional, flexible, and profitable, making it a key factor in business performance.

Discover a number of solutions for the factory of the future that leverage digital technologies, connectivity, automation, data processing, Big Data, and IoT, driving the new industrial revolution that is now solidly underway.

Silicon Photonics

Versatile silicon photonics platform addresses various applications from visible to mid-infrared.

  1. Photonic MID Infrared PIC
  2. Photonic PIC Pakaging
  3. Photonic Silicon PIC
  4. Photonic SiN Visible
  5. PhotonicTesting


Programmable vision chip enabling high frame rate and low latency image analysis.


Spiking neural networks enabling massively parallel, low-power & low-latency computation.


Low-cost, easy-to-implement cybersecurity tool.

THz Imaging

New array detectors in the THZ waveband leveraging antenna-coupled microbolometers.


Latest low-cost test bench that performs security assessment of a wide range of IoT products.


Compact, low-cost & long-lifespan, distributed-switch Leds.


Evaluating the latest hybrid data fusion algorithms for precise, resilient multimodal localization and motion tracking.


High performing Deep Neural Network IP dedicated to FPGA