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Smart City

Published on 3 October 2020

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Making our growing cities more liveable

Making our growing cities more liveable is one of the major challenges currently facing society. Smart cities leverage technology to provide citizens with greater comfort and convenience and improve efficiency while minimizing environmental impacts.

Join the exhibition floor to discover the latest technologies helping shape tomorrow's smart cities: sensors, solutions for batteries, self-driving cars, data analysis and processing, 5G solutions etc.


​Safely driving autonomous transportation with low power sensor fusion solution.


Curving optical components to reduce component size and achieve higher level of performance/compensation.


A compact photoacoustic sensor (MIR) that detects various gas with very high sensitivity down to a few ppb level.


All-in-one inverter, charger and advanced battery management system for e-mobility.


Testing and measuring millimeter waves for industrial applications.

M&NEMS Gyroscope

Gyroscope based on piezoresistive nanogauges sensing for drive and sense motion detection.

Shape Capture

Structural monitoring thanks to MEMS Solution: Capture shape and motion in real time.