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New Frontiers for Healthcare

Published on 3 October 2020


New Frontiers for Healthcare

Get the most of AI to improve quality of life

The adoption of artificial intelligence in healthcare is growing and you might wonder how AI will revolutionize the way your company deliver home services, mobile coaching solutions, drugs, or manage pain with personalized medicine. Within the exhibition, you'll explore AI solutions combining biology, technology, precision and performance.  

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Stress Observer

Real-time stress monitoring system providing customized recommendations for stress-free travel.


Home sleep-apnea tracking wristband combining comfort and medical accuracy.


​The first compact and culture-free technology that identifies microorganisms in less than 15 min.


Generic toolbox for microfluidics and point-of-care diagnosis.


Wearable certified-ready medical device to measure and monitor brain activity outside a clinical environment.

Electrochemical micro-sensors

Electrochemical micro-sensor devices offering real-time information on complex environments.


Significantly improving spatial and energy resolution for gramma-ray imaging devices.

Lens-free Imaging

Tracking more than 10,000 biological microscopic objects at a time per image.​

TINY batteries

TINY batteries are solid state, thin film, rechargeable energy storage devices rated at 20μAh at 3.8V.


Wafer level integration of thin silicon  bare dies within flexible label.