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Wise Integration

Published on 8 June 2021

​Power GaN ICs based on new architecture provide ultimate power-supply performance for all electronic devices: smart phones, tablets, PC and display

WISE Integration's breakthrough in gallium nitride (GaN) integrated circuits allows the ultimate level of integration and performance in power supplies for charging smartphones and other portable devices. Our patented, new system architecture enables the world's most compact 100W USB power delivery type C power supply with 98 percent efficiency and a high power density of 45W/inch3. Our Ganwise product, built with CEA-Leti's design team and a new planar transformer from CEA-Liten, is the first demonstrator to deliver 96 percent efficiency – 2 percent better than state-of-the-art products. The charger has low heat losses and is smaller than standard smartphone chargers. We are working closely with STMicroelectronics to integrate in this new architecture the best in class USB C controllers and microcontrollers.