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Published on 12 June 2019


Providing spaces and objects with tactile functions while preserving design and ergonomics for a better user experience

WORMS provides superior intuitiveness and ergonomics in human machine interfaces (HMI) by equipping spaces and objects with tactile functions without affecting their design.

WORMS patented technology provides a breakthrough sensitivity and discrimination capability for tactile interactions. Flexible, self-powered and ultra-stable, WORMS sensors adapt to various configurations regardless of the host material (plastic, metal, glass, wood …), thickness, and shape. Integrated invisibly (molding, thermoforming …), our technology adds an extra dimension of interaction to everyday objects and environments (doors, windows, handles, furniture, cars, walls…) for improved user experiences today and for those yet to be imagined by designers. There are multiple potential applications and uses in various fields, including automotive, smart homes, mobile technology, robotics, sports and health.