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Published on 14 June 2018


The world of tomorrow, connected, autonomous et 4.0 cannot be drawn without internet of things. What was only Sience fiction few years ago is now reality thanks' to several technologies convergence: Wireless communications, Microelectronic systems, and of course internet.

Nowadays, progress towards micro-technology fields make possible for all daily life object to communicate with the surrounding world. But what about energy that is necessary for this communication operation?  

Microstorage technologies for embedded energy (1 to 100mWh) ) has been, until now, mainly developed with complex and high cost processes. Thus, leading to a very high cost per W.h. For this reason, micro-storage has been mainly restricted to niche market such as medical or military devices. Cheaper technologies, based on lithium chemistry, have mainly oriented their development on larger power market (>1W.h) driven by the very attractive mobile or automotive market.

ThinPower is a rechargeable storage technology designed and optimized for Internet of thing market. Inspired by the cheap technologies developed for electrical transportation market, it brings traditional micro-batteries technology into question by reducing de production cost by a factor of 50.   


This revolution is made possible thanks' to the development of a brand new and patented electrolyte material, that solidifies very quickly when it get in contact with an electrode material. This solidification properties allows us to replace expensive atomic deposition processes by cheaper and high throughput ones used in printing industry.

This solidification at room temperature is due to the use of a very innovative chemistry based on nanoparticles and ionic liquids.  These materials are lithium salts whose melting point is below 100°C. The very low vapor pressure of these materials enables ions to move across solid matrix without the use of any organic solvent. These organic solvent used within Li-ion industry, are instable and high flammable materials that are at the origin of impressive batteries failure.


Devoid of any solvent, ThinPower batteries can be package in a proprietary and very light packaging, that enables the system to have  twice a larger power density (>300Wh/l) compare to its competitors, for a thin very component (<400µm)