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Published on 22 April 2021

The SERMA Group's expertise in microelectronics includes 2 main activities:

  1. Full turnkey Mixed-signal ASICs and SoC
  2. ID MOS takes control over the complete ASIC development and supply chain.

For almost 20 years, we have been a trusted partner to our customers in various markets: Industry, Automotive, Railway, Oil and Mil-Aero.Together we work out the most optimized integrated solution for your application.  We explore challenging and innovative ideas which provide your product with a strategic differentiating factor.


ID MOS offers:

  1. Full product life cycle for ASICs and SoC, from its specification to mass production.
  2. Conversions of FPGAs to ASICs: reduction in cost, power and size.
  3. Replication of obsolete ICs: the new product has identical form factor, and avoid expensive redesign of system and qualification.
  4. Rad-Hard ASICs


Assembly of microelectronic chips

  • With more than 80 employees gathered in a production site in Périgny (La Rochelle) counting 1000 sqm clean room, SERMA MICROELECTRONICS develops and provides special processes to manufacture thick film ceramics substrates and integrate semiconductors.Taking advantage of its strong knowledge and skills in hermetic components assembly, mainly in ceramics and metal, 

SERMA MICROELECTRONICS helps its customers and partners in the tuning of integration processes, allowing the use of a technology with regards to a specific mission profile.SERMA MICROELECTRONICS offer is defined around 4 main activities:

  1. Engineering, that defines the right microelectronics integration processes in order to industrialize products for customers.
  2. Die Management, managing the dice flows (supply, storage, wafer sawing, dies visual inspection) 
  3. Microelectronics production, implementing the manufacturing & test processes to produce customers goods.
  4. Thick film production, defining and implementing screen-printing techniques to produce thick film substrates with high temperature resistance and service life.

  • The variety of processes available within SERMA MICROELECTRONICS allows addressing various markets and technologies. SERMA MICROELECTRONICS works on maintainability issues by maintaining robust process and securing their availability through time, and focus its R&D efforts on the development and deployment of technological bricks to integrate up-to-date technology (MEMS, High pin count devices, BGA) and mix its microelectronics means and SMT capabilities to integrate SiP (System in Package)

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