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Published on 8 June 2021

Democratize MEG, improve diagnosis of neuronal disorders

Neurological disorders regroups diseases such as Alzheimer, Parkinson, brain tumor, schizophrenia, and epilepsy. Except epilepsy, the current medical knowledge does not enable the treatment of these diseases, the cost to accompany the tens millions people affected in Europe by these severe maladies is 800 B€/Y.

The best tool to analyze the neuronal activity is the magnetoencephalography (MEG). Their diffusion is still mainly limited by the use of cryogenics on current technology of commercialized medical devices, inducing: (i) a cost of 3M€ for the imager and 0.6M€ for the associated magnetic shielding, not compatible with budgets of research services; (ii) a rigid helmet limiting the versatility of the MEG that cannot be adapted to all the patients; (iii) a single axe measurement limiting the coverage to 2/3 of the brain.

Mag4health will enfranchise current limitations with conformable helmet integrating sensors without cryogenics, with 3 axes of measurements, to achieve a cost of 0.5 M€