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Published on 19 June 2018

Mapper Lithography develops a groundbreaking maskless lithography solution for the semiconductor industry. With Mapper chip makers will be able to  create new applications within existing processes: for example, improve the resolution of one critical layer, increase the capacity of a small piece of integrated memory, or increase the depth of focus in a complicated layer: this simplifies the integration of different types of function, or can even make entire layers redundant… And all without expensive masks. 
A Mapper solution is cost-effective for both small and large production runs, because there are no startup costs (masks) for a new design. This makes small series affordable, and allows very small production runs that previously would have been impossible. In the extreme case, every chip can be made-to-measure. This opens the door to giving every chip its own physical hallmark. This hallmark could be used to protect bank cards, cars and equipment that is connected to the cloud.
For most applications, it is sufficient to employ Mapper for only a few process steps which increase the functionality of the chip significantly. Because existing processes can continue to be used for all the other steps, existing infrastructure can be re-used.
Since 10 years Leti and Mapper work together to develop the necessary infrastructure to implement this technology into chip manufacturing, this collaboration is called the IMAGINE program. In the program Leti evaluates the machine’s capability and develops the process integration and data handling infrastructure together with industry partners. Leti offers chip manufacturers and designers the opportunity to assess Mapper’s technology in a real manufacturing environment.

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