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Published on 3 October 2020


Kentyou middleware is a unified framework to integrate and manage your IoT devices, collect their data and enable application development.

Kentyou allows you to:

  • Support state-of-the-art IoT protocols (ZigBee, CoAP, EnOcean, LoRa, SIGFOX, MQTT, XMPP, etc.).
  • Access on-demand, periodically or event-based real-time data for online analysis.
  • Access historical data for offline analysis.
  • Use any protocol to remotely access unified data and action sources (HTTP REST APIs, WebSockets, MQTT, XMPP, etc.).
  • Rapidly create new bridges to emerging protocols and dynamically integrate them to the running platform.
  • With Kentyou Studio, create your automation applications exploiting the data and action sources, deploy them to the platform and manage their lifecycle.

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