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Published on 29 May 2019

Artificial pancreas for type-1 diabetics

Born out of a medical project and in partnership with the CERITD and the CEA-Leti Diabeloop is creator of pioneering diabetes management solutions.

Our Grenoble-based company works to make technological innovation available to all families living with Type 1 diabetes. Diabeloop first product, the DBLG1TM System, is an integrated system that allows glycemic control in an automated and highly efficient way. The core of this innovation is a machine-learning algorithm hosted on a dedicated handset that connects via bluetooth with a continuous glucose meter (CGM) and an insulin patch pump. Thanks to personalization to the individual's physiology and  self-learning capabilities the algorithm makes and executes the many therapeutic decisions that the patients currently have to handle by themselves. 

​Press Release
  • Autonomous Type 1 Diabetes Management
  • Gestion automatisée du traitement du diabète de type 1
Publication dans « The Lancet Digital Health » des résultats positifs de l’essai clinique avec le dispositif intégré DBLG1™ de Diabeloop en vraie vie