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Published on 24 May 2019


Anteneo provides cutting edge designs for integrated compact antennas in the field of GNSS.

With the roll out of new GNSS-based services, antenna design has become increasingly complex and costly. 

Anteneo, a start-up project incubated at CEA-Leti, offers turn-key reference designs that antenna makers license and also provides product integration support.

Our proprietary solution is based on micro arrays of metallic radiating elements that guarantee high performance with drastically lower manufacturing costs compared to traditional approaches.

Anteneo's key market is the automotive industry, where satellite positioning has rapidly become basic equipment. The auto industry now faces new challenges, such as centimeter-level accuracy required for driver safety systems (ADAS, autonomous vehicles) and new mobility schemes (shared vehicles, smart mobility).

Our technology can serve virtually all connected objects applications where high accuracy geolocation is required such as UAV, robotics or smartphones.