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ARYBALLE Technologies

Published on 23 August 2021

Aryballe designs, develops and manufactures digital olfaction technology by combining biochemistry, advanced optics and artificial intelligence to offer a solution that mimics the human sense of smell. Our advanced sensors act as the nose, sensing odors while our software acts as the brain—matching sensor data to our odor database to not just identify a molecule but the actual scent itself.

Until now, odor assessment has been restricted to certain industrial applications due to limited performance, prohibitive cost and extravagant size. Digital olfaction eliminates many of these complexities by offering a smaller, low cost alternative that can deliver a universal smell sensor. In R&D and lab applications for flavor and fragrances and food and beverage, this real time data is used to decrease the cost of quality and ensure objective odor analysis. For consumer applications, embedded sensors deliver actionable data that improves the safety and wellness of users.