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Plenary session

Gregg Bartlett

CTO, GlobalFoundries

Ned Curic

CTO, Stellantis

Pat Gelsinger

CEO, Intel

David Andre

Chief Science Officer, Google X

Mukesh Khare


Hisashi Kanazashi

Director IT Div., METI

Tetsuro Higashi

Chairman of the Board of Directors, Rapidus Corp

Frédéric Godemel

EVP & Power Systems and Services, Schneider Electric

Agnieszka Thonet

Distinguished Technologist, HP Technology Strategy

Pierre Barnabé

CEO, Soitec

Tim Archer

CEO, Lam Research


Sébastien Dauvé


Michael Tchagaspanian

EVP Strategic Partnerships, CEA-Leti

Sustainable Electronics

Léa Di Cioccio

Eco-Innovation Program Manager, CEA-Leti

Laurent Pain

Business Director of the Silicon Technologies Division, CEA-Leti

Jérôme Daviot

R&D and Apps Engineer Director - SEC Product Line, Technic

Slava Libman

CEO, FTD Solutions INC

Isabelle Servin

Eco-Innovation Advisor for Silicon Platform Division, CEA-Leti

Joao Carlos Lopes Barbosa

PhD Student, CEA-Leti

Yannick Rivoira

Sustainability engineer, CEA-Leti

Sandrine Catrou

Marketing Chief Advisor, CEA-Leti

Etienne Lees-Perasso

LCA & Ecodesign Consultant, TIDE

Valentin Landmann

Head of Ecosystems Development, STMicroelectronics

Patrick Blouet

Sustainability Advisor

Laura Vauche

Sustainability Advisor & Ecodesign Engineer, CEA-Leti

Josua Guerid

Research Engineer – Eco-innovation & LCA, CEA-Leti

Léa Roulleau

Sustainability Engineer, CEA-Leti

Nicolas Leterrier

External partnerships leader, SEMI-CC

Rémi Bastien

CEO, NextMove

Nadia Wetzler

Sr. Director – Global Legal Services, Applied Materials

Yasumitsu Orii

Senior Managing Executive Officer, Rapidus Corporation

Chris Bailey

Vice President Emerging Technologies, Edwards

Sébastien Dauvé


Quantum Computing

Jean-Charles Barbé

Quantum program scientific director, CEA-Leti

Corinne Legalland

Quantum Program Director, CEA-Leti

Silvano De Franceschi

Research Director and CEA Senior Fellow, CEA-IRIG

Maud Vinet

CEO, Siquance

Antoine Gras

Chief of Engineering, Alice&Bob

Sara Congia

PhD Student, CEA-Leti

Luca Planat

CEO, Silent Waves


Pierre Favier

System Engineer, Pasqal

Sébastien Boissier

Head of R&D Semiconductor Quantum Devices, Quandela

Ségolène Olivier

Quantum Photonics Program Manager, CEA-Leti

Frederic Barbaresco

Quantum Algorithms Segment Leader, THALES

Kenzo Bounegta

General Manager, Le Lab Quantique

Tomorrow’s Cybersecurity

Marion Andrillat

Cybersecurity Strategic Partnership Manager, CEA-Leti

Marie-Sophie Masselot

Partnership & European Affairs Manager, CEA-Leti

Jacques Fournier

Director of Cybersecurity Program, CEA-Leti

Bernard Barbier


Megan Samford

VP & Chief Product Security Officer, Schneider Electric

Pierre-Alain Moellic

Research Engineer, CEA-Leti

Fabien Clermidy

Head of Systems Division, CEA-Leti

Eric Saliba

Head of the Scientific and Technical Division, ANSSI

Simon Moore

Professor of Computer Engineering, University Cambridge

Ségolène Olivier

Quantum Photonics Program Manager, CEA-Leti

Vincent Cachard

Hardware Security Group Manager, CEA-Leti & Nanoelec/Pulse Program Director

Fabrice Isnard

Chief Operating Officier, FARE - RESEAU DEF

David Richetto

Executive Director, STMicroelectronics

Eric Mercier

Telecom Line Director, CEA-Leti

Serge Maginot

CEO, Tiempo Secure

Thierry Collette

Director, Information Science and Technology Group, Thales

Andreas Mitrakas

Head of Unit – Market, Certification & Standardisation, European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA)

Yacine Felk


Memory for Edge Computing

Elisa Vianello

Edge IA program manager, CEA-Leti

François Andrieu

Head of Memory & Computing Laboratory, CEA-Leti

Johannes Müller

SMTS Global Technology & Development, GlobalFoundries

Sébastien Ricavy

Memory Architect, CEA-Leti

Stefan Müller

CTO, Ferroelectric Memory Corp. (FMC)

Hitoshi Saito

Sr. Dir. of Sales & Marketing Div. / Dir. of Energing Memory Dept., FUJITSU SEMICONDUCTOR MEMORY SOLUTION LIMITED

Eran Briman

VP Marketing & Business Development, Weebit Nano

Andrea Redaelli

PCM Process Architecture Technical Director - Fellow at STMicroelectronics

Giuseppe Desoli

AI R&D Director & Company Fellow, STMicroelectronics

Masanori Tsukamoto

Senior Manager, Sony Semiconductor Solutions

Manuel Le Gallo

Staff Research Scientist, IBM

Emmanuel Hardy

Research Engineer in Edge AI, CEA-Leti

Raphael Frisch

CEO & Co-founder, HawAI.tech

Photonics: Data & Sensing

Eléonore Hardy

Business Developer, CEA-Leti & Deputy-Director of Nanoelec Photonic Sensors program

Yvain Thonnart

Senior Researcher, CEA-Leti

Thomas Van Vaerenbergh

Photonics Research Engineer , HPE

Benoît Charbonnier

Research engineer, CEA-Leti

Badhise Ben Bakir

Research Engineer, CEA-Leti

Hélène Lefebvre

General Manager, ECLYPIA

Laurent Duraffourg

CEO, ADMIR Analysis

Loïc Laplatine

Engineer-researcher, CEA-Leti

Frederic Boeuf

Technical Director Photonics Innovations, STMicroelectronics

RF & Telecommunications

Eric Mercier

Telecom Line Director, CEA-Leti

Fredrik Tillman

Research Manager, Ericsson AB

Hervé Boutry

Research Engineer - Device Integration, CEA-Leti

Jérôme Prouvée

RF Layout Eng. & Project Manager, CEA-Leti

Rafik Zayani

Senior Research Scientist, CEA-Leti

Jean Schwoerer

Research Operarion Manager - Networks and Infrastructure, Orange

Paul Vincent

Senior 5G System Architect, IRT Saint Exupery