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Lithography workshop

Published on 12 April 2018

Lithography workshop: from optical to alternative patterning technologies 

Lithography is and will remain the key knob for the development and ramp-up of any technology. Depending the challenge of the design rules, the patterning strategy will define the future architecture and performances of your device. On this landscape, optical lithography represents the reference lithography solution. Nevertheless, resolution and nowadays alignment performances are the key drivers from the process side. When cost of ownership starts to be taken into account, final decision of the manager has to be pragmatic. In that context, alternative patterning techniques may have a high-level of competitive advantages, as they could offer challenging and credible industrial compromises.

The workshop will present the “Leti lithopole” . This event will provide you the opportunity to have a detailed overview of the Leti pilot line in terms of patterning capability 

Workshop Technical Program:  Program to be published

Workshop Committee: 

  • General Chair: Laurent Pain, CEA-LETI