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Serge Maginot

Co- founder  and CEO of Tiempo Secure


Serge Maginot is the CEO of Tiempo Secure. He has been in the semiconductor industry for more than thirty years, both in design activities and in the EDA industry. In 2007, he co-founded Tiempo Secure, a company specialized in the design and industrialization of secure chips. The first product of Tiempo Secure was a Common Criteria EAL5+ certified  secure microcontroller chip with contact & contactless interfaces for payment smartcards and governmental/ID documents. Tiempo Secure has then developed a complete end-to-end security solution for the IoT market based on Common Criteria EAL5+ level secure elements integrated into edge devices, available as standalone chips and hard IP macros for SoC integration.


 Abstract: Security for the IoT: a startup point of view…

With the increasing number of attacks targeting the connected objects, everyone seems to agree that there is an urgent need to dramatically improve the security of these objects. So why do we still see so many new connected devices deployed in various sensitive markets without a reasonable security level? The industries producing chips for payment cards and governmental documents have adopted a long-time ago security standards defining hardware and software security countermeasures integrated into their devices, resulting in a high level of protection against attacks. Why do similar/adapted standards, techniques and products seem to take so long to be adopted by the IoT industries? I would like to share with you the point of view of a small business entity trying to promote such security solutions on various IoT market segments…  

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