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Nicolas Leterrier,

CTO Schneider Electric


Abstract: Cyber Security: How Schneider Electric as an industrial operator can reduce threat.

All companies are struggling to find the right staff and external support to help them to manage and reduce the industrial cyber risks. So trying as the n°& Electrical and automation company to define security practices based on risks assessment is a priority for us. We need to provide more than products to our customers, we are providing monitored infrastructures to enable energy management. So we try to embed security by design in all our products, edge products or cloud applications. We apply of course industrial security standards like IEC 62443. Moving from a world of sleeping devices to monitored assets is a long journey to provide solutions end to end protected. The need to embed customers in this journey is also essential and varies a lot from one segment to another of the industry. We are speaking of IT-OT convergence or IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) which is addressed at the same time as connecting assets to the cloud or edge processors. This connectivity is a big opportunity to improve the life time, the functions, the maintenance but also a threat in exposing connected devices. I will try to sketch the landscape, the technologies and the main challenges the industrial companies as Schneider Electric are facing in order to serve the upcoming needs on the market. From safe dvices to secure devices.

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