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EVP, Leti


Ludovic Poupinet obtained his engineer diploma in Optics and Phototonics from IOGS, Palaiseau in 1992 and his PhD from Paris Sud - Orsay University in 1997. He began his career at Leti 20 years ago in the fields of thin film optics, optical data storage and nanophotonics. Since 2015 he is the Head of the Optics and Photonics division of Leti. Its division, gathering 300 researchers, technicians and PhD students, is conducting research in the field of miniaturization and integration of image sensors from visible to mm wavelength, displays, optical sensors, silicon photonics and solid-state light sources.


12'' CMOS processes are now available for optics and photonics. It is well known in CMOS image sensors but all the other optical components will benefit from these microelectronic technologies in the near future. Microelectronics and photonics are constantly feeding each other to provide smaller, smarter and cheaper photonics products both for real life and digital reality. This talk aims at givng an overview on the trends related to this convergence between optics, microelectronics and software and illustrates how this will influence our everyday life in the near future.

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