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Since October 2013, Cédric Demeure is the director of the French corporate research center Thales Research and Technology. Located in the Paris-Saclay campus, this research center mainly performs studies in materials, physics, electronic components, optics and also in information science and technologies (both in computing and algorithms). He is also the president of Embedded France, an association representing French industrial actors, providers and integrators of embedded systems and software, as well as representative clusters and professional associations.

Engineer from the Telecommunications Paris school, Cédric Demeure obtained his Master degree from the University of Rhode-Island (USA) in 1984, and his PhD in Signal Processing at the University of Colorado in 1989 after a year studying SAR radars in Thomson-CSF. In 1990, he joined the Communications division of Thomson-CSF to work on the digital radio transmissions and modems. In 1992, he became responsible of the advanced study laboratory in Antenna Processing, where he worked on the introduction of high resolution technique for direction finding and spectrum surveillance. In 1996, he became manager of the Signal and Image Processing Department. From 2004 till 2013, he was the director of the Digital Embedded Systems Unit, dealing with all advanced studies and product development (both SW and HW) for wireless communications products. 

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Expertise : Director of the French corporate research center Thales Research and Technology