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Thursday, october 15th

Published on 11 May 2020

PROGRAM - Thursday, October 15th

9:00 am

Advanced Power Electronic solutions

Marco Monti CEO ST ADG group 

What’s next in Photonics?

9:30 am
Innovative optical system

Sébastien Hentz, CEA-Leti Optical Sensor Chief Scientist

​9:50 am
Next revolution with optical sensing

​Sergio Nicoletti, CEA-Leti Optical Sensor Director

​10:10 am
​Space communication

30  minutes Coffee break, Networking, Exhibition

Toward zero power!

11:00 am
Power management in IoT

Pauline Martin, LIM Innovation Director

11:20 am
Energy harvesting technologies

Nicolas Garraud, CEA-Leti Senior Expert

11:40 am
Next challenges in home automation

Bruno Vulcano, Innovation Director Legrand

Buffet Lunch & networking

Local processing empowers data.01

2:30 pm
Low power impact on new business

Paul Boudre, CEO SOITEC

2:50 pm
Ultra Wide Band, how will this 20-year old technology transform the smartphone… and our lives ! 

​Jean Marie Andre, CEO BeSpoon

​3:10 pm
Disruptive IoT computing node

​Benoît Denis, CEA-Leti Senior Expert

​3:30 pm
​Hardware as a game changer for AI

​Elisa Vianello, CEA-Leti Senior Expert

30  minutes Coffee break, Networking, Exhibition

4:20 pm

EDA empowers new deal in ICs

​Ravi Subramanian, EVP & GM Mentor

4:10 pm

SPECIAL GUEST:  is there life outside the earth ?

Jean-Pierre Bibring AstroPhysicist IAS