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Silicon Photonics

Published on 8 July 2019

Tuesday, June 25th 2019

New Perspectives in Silicon Photonics

Join to get an exclusive insight into silicon photonics R&D roadmaps & perspectives from both industry and academia. Keynoters will discuss fundamentals, tools and applications of silicon photonics.

For who?

  • Industrials
  • Scientists
  • Experts


​08:30   Registration & Welcome coffee
  • CEA-LetiBertrand Szelag
Leti Versatile Silicon Photonics Platform
  • CEA-Leti, Karim Hassan
​Integrated Silicon Photonics for High Volume Data Center Applications
  • Intel, Robert Blum
Layout Automation for Integrated Photonics
  • Mentor, A Siemens BusinessAlan Sherman
CMOS Based Optical Modulation
  • University of Southampton, Frederic Gardes
10:30   Coffee Break & Networking
High Speed Photonic Interconnects
  • CEA-Leti, Stéphane Bernabé
​Silicon Photonics for Advanced Telecommunications
  • DTU Fotonik, Leif Katsuo Oxenløwe
​Disruptive Photonic Fully Integrated Circuits for Large and Fast Growing Markets
  • SCINTIL Photonics, Sylvie Menezo
Decoupling Chip I/O From a Switch ASIC Using 2D Silicon Photonics Arrays
  • DUST Photonics, Kobi Hasharoni
Advanced Silicon Photonics Interconnects for High-Performance Computing Applications
  • HPe, Ashkan Seyedi
​12:30   Buffet Lunch  & Networking
Cutting-Edge Silicon Technology for Energy-Efficient Nonlinear Quantum Photonics
  • CEA-Leti, Corrado Sciancalepore
Classical and Quantum Nonlinear Optics in Silicon Photonics: Opportunities and Challenges
  • Universita di Pavia, Marco Liscidini
​Combining photonic integration and software routines for next generation programmable photonic integrated circuits
  • Universitat Politecnica de Valencia, Prometheus Dasmahapatra
​Barium Titanate Phase Shifters in Silicon Photonics Enabling Novel Ways of Optical Computing
  • IBM Research, Stefan Abel
Solid State LIDAR Using the Leti Silicon Photonics Platform: Progress and Perspectives
  • CEA-Leti, Daivid Fowler
​Our Next Generation, Solid-State LiDAR
  • Ibeo Automotive Systems, Hanno Holzhuter
​16:00   Coffee Break  & Networking
System, Board and Chip Level Photonic Integration for Future Data Centre, 5G and HPC Environments
  • Resolute Photonics, Richard Pitwon
​Silicon Photonics. Beyond the Tipping Point!
  • Yole, Eric Mounier
17:00  ​ Conclusion

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