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Art & Science Performance

Published on 25 November 2019

Sponsored by

G5 Interspecies 

Artist: Rocio Berenguer

The Catalan choreographer Rocio Berenguer will give an exclusive art performance during the Leti Innovation Days as part of a European research program on artificial intelligence. This show introduces five species and their kingdoms: mankind, vegetables, minerals, animals and machines.  A dialogue between a human and a machine will be performed to tackle the ethical challenges of artificial intelligence.

  • 20-minute performance in English, Minatec amphitheatre


A few words from the Rocio Berenguer on her performance

"I dream of a genuine dialogue between equal species. In this fantasy, the different terrestrial species finally gather around a table to decide on their common future. To negotiate their coexistence on earth. Terrestrial and extraterrestrial political economies will be the subjects of this debate. The sharing of resources and territories, exchanges between species. Who is to decide the future of our species? What about the other's future? Does the appearance of Artificial Intelligence match the appearance of a new species? Is the machine a new species? It does not seem fair that decisions affecting life on Earth should be made solely by humans. Should a single species decide the future of all species? Post-humanism, the decline of anthropocentrism, the cyborg fantasy, the amplified man, the extension of man by the machine... Are we going to become cyborgs? Or to put it another way, will man merge with the machine? With the vegetable kingdom? With other animal species? Is this decision, as well as those concerning the future of species in this world, humans' responsibility? The anthropocene is coming to an end. Which species will dominate the earth in the years to come? The cyborg? The vegetable kingdom? The mineral kingdom? The animal kingdom? Today mankind are at the beginning of the digital age, where issues such as technological singularity, natural disasters, and the emergence of AI and genome editing, are once again awakening the eternal fantasy of the apocalypse. Man dethroned from his kingdom, from his domination of life on earth.

What is risky in this fantasy: the extinction of man or of his power of domination on Earth?

G5 wishes to discuss these issues with the representatives of each kingdom, its ambition: To build the first interspecies G5. A public, televised event with a live debate on the future of species. A representative from the human kingdom, a representative from the machine kingdom (AI), as well as representatives from the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms, will scrupulously be chosen to participate in the debate on the future of terrestrial species. Here, Artificial Intelligence plays the role of the philosopher, whereas it is the result of scientific research. The project explores human-machine relations and integrates the serendipity factor, the error factor (necessary to the scientific protocol) contrary to Artificial Intelligence whose algorithms are pre-determined. Thus, with the presence of AI as a full stakeholder in the project, the show questions our technological, economic and so-called anthropocene-era society."