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Published on 14 June 2018


Just like the CCD camera for sight or the microphone for hearing, WOrMS aims at building a technological counterpart of the sense of touch. Inspired by the human skin, WOrMS team is developing a disruptive all-in-one tactile sensor capable of catching tactile information in all its tones and in its entire complexity. Under the spotlight of a microscope, our sensors look like a nest of worms; an intricate network of piezoelectric elements that combines the sensing properties and characteristics of the various mechanoreceptors of the human skin.


WOrMS mission is to bridge the gap between the virtual and physical world by offering far more intuitive interactions (tactile interfaces, distant manipulations …), a better knowledge and control of tactile information (surface properties, balance control …), or precise dexterous manipulations (robot, prosthetics …) among other benefits.


Self-powered, flexible, robust, stable in time, compatible with high temperature processes, WOrMS sensors are to be easily integrated in a large panel of systems and products in various application fields such as robotics, medical devices, automotive, sport or mobile technologies.