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Published on 14 June 2018

Pyxalis is a 30 people company specializing in design services and custom or semi-custom advanced CMOS image solutions for a wide range of applications from niche to high volume markets including :  machine vision, robotics, radiology, sciences, security, automotive, aerospace, defence, computers, photography, …
Pyxalis offers differentiating solutions in key technical domains inluding low noise (rolling and global shutter architectures), high-dynamic, high speed, large sensors (up to one die/wafer), advanced pixels from 1.5 to 200µm, frontside or backside illumination, near infrared enhanced quantum efficiency, on-chip image processing and smart functions…

Funded in August 2010, the company is located in Moirans, in the Grenoble ''Imaging valley'' and is ISO 9001 certified.