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Published on 2 July 2018

The world's #1 provider of genuine new auto parts on the internet

In ten years, Oscaro has drastically transformed the way we are servicing our cars. Oscaro was the first to allow car owners to buy genuine new spare parts online, manufactured by the largest automotive suppliers. Oscaro provides a comprehensive catalog featuring more than 800 000 parts which price range stands 40% to 60% below recommended prices. Fully independent and empowered by its long-term vision, the company is still led by its founders, Pierre-Noël Luiggi and Véronique Campbell. Oscaro has always strived for providing the best of innovation and technology to its customers, giving them their purchasing power back and maintaining the highest standards of experience.

As the global pioneer of the automotive DIY market, Oscaro already serves more than 8 million of motorists enabling them to service their cars at the best price, giving them the right and the desire to open the hood and learn how to fix and how to maintain their vehicles.

With its new subsidiary OSCARLAB, OSCARO continues the adventure in new technological sectors, keeping its

focus on the end customer.



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