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Published on 7 May 2019

Artificial pancreas for type-1 diabetics

Diabeloop’s connected artificial pancreas will improve blood-sugar regulation and enhance quality of life for type-1 diabetics.

The artificial pancreas developed by Diabeloop is made up of a continuous glucose sensor and a miniature patch insulin pump connected by Bluetooth to a dedicated smartphone equipped with algorithms developed by Diabeloop in partnership with Leti to calculate insulin doses and send the information to the pump automatically. The data are also sent to a patient monitoring center. The technology brings a major change for type1 diabetics who, until now, had to test their blood sugar themselves many times throughout the day. Diabeloop’s artificial pancreas will give patients the peace of mind of knowing all they have to do is tell the system about their meals and physical activity and their blood sugar will be regulated much more effectively than before. The efficacy of Diabeloop’s artificial pancreas has been confirmed by several clinical trials (2014, 2016, and 2017). The company is now working to obtain the CE mark, a necessary prerequisite to the product’s commercial release. Diabeloop has partnerships with diabetes treatment research center CERITD and around a dozen university medical centers, and has a joint lab with Leti