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Published on 14 June 2018

High-Performance Sensor and RF Communications Circuits


Asygn brings advanced know-how in design and verification to develop high-performance sensor and RF communications circuits for its customers.

Asygn, a spinoff from Leti founded in 2008, designs high-value-added analog /RFproducts ranging from precision measurement sensors interface (e.g. for gyrometers, accelerometers, gas sensors...) to Radio Frequency telecommunication circuits (from 0 to 30 GHz) and high speed Analog to Digital converters (upto 20GHz Bandwidth).

 The Grenoble-based company sells to semiconductor IDM, sensor-systems integrators, labs and startups in Europe, Asia, and the United States. Asygn's products are backed by a high level of expertise, responsive service, and in-depth knowledge of commercially available technologies like FD-SOI.

Asygn's next product to come is a wireless and batteryless sensor node for Industrial IoT (for data acquisition and predictive maintenance).

Asygn continues to work with Leti on advanced joint R&D projects.

Twitter: @AsygnOnline