A 2-hour digital event 

to boost your innovation and chase the next big idea
Wednesday, October 14
16:00 > Collaborating to create the next big ideas and bring them to life
Emmanuel Sabonnadière, CEO CEA-Leti

Billions of sensors and the terabits of data they generate will create a crucial role for Artificial Intelligence and open the way to a very promising future. You will learn more about CEA-Leti's portfolio of robust sensors and new techniques to overcome your challenges. 

16:15 > New dynamics in digital health care
Gilles Litman, VP Digital Health, Sanofi (Virtual Health Care)

16:30 > Merging optics and mechanics to sense the fifth dimension 
Sébastien Hentz, Director of research, CEA-Leti

16:45 > Optical sensing: the next revolution X
Sergio Nicoletti, Business Development and Project Manager, CEA-Leti

17:00 > Panel session / group discussion: 
Hear expert insights for breaking the code of next-gen, high-tech solutions
Thomas Ernst, Scientific Director, CEA-Leti

Discover innovative ways to transmit and process the data, with smart systems that also reduce power consumption: technologies, trends and forward-looking solutions. 

17:15 > Artificial Intelligence: Hardware as a game changer
Elisa Vianello, Embedded AI Program DirectorCEA-Leti 

17:30 > Connectivity & mobile networks: Power-efficient and low electromagnetic-radiation smart solutions
Emilio Calvanese Strinati, Future Wireless System Scientific and Innovation Program Director, CEA-Leti

17:45 > UWB: Transforming our daily life
Jean-Marie André, CEO, BeSpoon (recently acquired by STMicroelectronics)

18:00 > Panel session / group discussion:
How to make data more effective and get latest business updates
Jean-René Lèquepeys, Deputy Director - CTO, CEA-Leti
18:20 > Yann LeCun's vision on AI
18:40 > Q&A - Emmnauel Sabonnadière / Yann LeCun
19:00 > What’s coming in 2021? Leti Innovation Days next June
Michael Tchagaspanian, LID Chairman, EVP Industrial Partnerships, CEA-Leti 


   ​​Why attend?

  • Explore coming innovations in the semiconductor industry.
  • Position your organization for the next tech generations.
  • Network with influential CEOs, CTOs, and tech experts from Europe, USA & Asia.

​​  Target audience

  • Business leaders.
  • Tech entrepreneurs. 
  • Investors.
  • R&D managers.

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Leti Innovation days goes digital - wednesday, october 14, 2020 A 2-hour digital event to boost your innovation and chase next big idea Hear experts discuss the future of sensors and data maximization, followed by interactive panel discussion